Illness Warriors Mission

Illness Warriors was created by Lisa Mark, C.P.O.® and Maureen DeGarmo, professional organizers with over 20 years’ experience in the industry. Lisa and Maureen have each experienced a long-term illness and were forced to learn the hard way — and without any support — how to manage, and triumph, over their traumatic illnesses.

Lisa and Maureen share their expertise and provide organizational support for individuals who are experiencing traumatic illness or injury, and for professionals who wish to work with this population. They help the Traumatic Illness Population reduce overwhelm and minimize overexertion, prioritize and manage the overwhelming to-do list, help decrease the effect on family, and locate support resources as needed.

Photo of Lisa Mark

Lisa Mark, C.P.O.®

Lisa Mark, CPO® owns and operates The Time Butler Productivity and Organizing. Lisa works with clients experiencing a traumatic illness or injury to set up usable systems that enable clients to regain control of their lives in this new reality.

Lisa and her team also work with clients to provide time & productivity consulting, residential & business organizing services, and organized moves. In business since 2004, Lisa has a BA in International Relations from Stanford University.



Photo of Maureen DeGarmo

Maureen DeGarmo

Maureen DeGarmo began organizing professionally in 2010, after working in the events industry for many years. During her years as an organizer, she specialized in home office and paper management, working part time while still battling a mystery disease.

In 2017, Maureen began to change the focus of her business due to her continuing battle with traumatic illness, which made it difficult perform the physical labor that is part of organizing. Her goal is to continue to work part time as a PowerPoint designer, while spending considerable resources attempting to find a diagnosis.