Introductory Package

Designed for organizations supporting the traumatic illness population

Illness Warriors provides support to your clients who are experiencing traumatic illness or injury, as well as family, caregivers, and the greater community. The traumatic illness population often struggles to manage life in the face of illness. Perhaps family and friends don’t understand. Perhaps other support systems are needed. Illness Warriors assists the Traumatic Illness population to learn how to cope, adapt and find support. We:

  • Provide tools, information and practical tips
  • Teach methods for prioritizing and managing a to-do list
  • Help reduce overwhelm and minimize overexertion
  • Decrease the effects on the family
  • Provide a list of support resources

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We look forward to speaking with you to determine how we might collaborate in supporting your clients.

Lisa Mark, Certified Professional Organizer
Maureen DeGarmo, Traumatic Illness Warrior
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