Organizing to De-Stress a Major Illness

By Hazel Thornton

Illness Warriors would like to introduce our guest blogger, Hazel Thornton of Organized for Life. Hazel has written an article discussing the idea that “the more organized you are, and the simpler your household processes, the less you will worry about things getting done, freeing you to focus your energy on getting well.” The post includes organizing resources and information in four categories:

  • Organizing Your Medical Records
  • Organizing Your Support System
  • Organizing Your Home
  • Organizing Your Self

My favorite tips are:

  • Ask a trusted friend or relative to be your spokesperson…to keep others with a need to know, apprised of your condition.
  • Don’t try to remember everything! Keep a little notebook handy in your pocket (or hung around your neck) to jot down reminders.
  • This is not the time to be beating yourself up for all the things you are not doing.

Read the entire post, here. Thank you, Hazel, for your insight!



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