How to Ask for Help During an Illness

By Maureen DeGarmo

When trauma strikes, our lives are flipped upside down. Priorities must change according to the effects of the trauma, whether it is caused by an injury or illness. But, how do Illness Warriors handle everything required of them? Child care, transportation, grocery shopping, meal preparation, doctor’s appointments and so on…the volume of high-priority to do items is very overwhelming. (Did you notice I did not even include laundry, house cleaning or self-care on that list?)

How does the victim of a trauma – or an ongoing traumatic illness – manage everything by themselves? The answer is, they don’t. They either get help, or are forced to let some things slide. What, then, is the best way to get help from friends and family? At Illness Warriors, we like the idea of a neutral way to ask a favor. Websites that have been created for this purpose offer Illness Warriors a way to post their needs, and then spread the word to their “tribe.” Anyone wishing to help can visit the customized web page, review the requests and choose a way they are comfortable helping.

One of these websites is called, On this site, you can include a list of ways that people can help remotely, such as paying online for house cleaning, meal delivery service or a child care, all done directly though the website. Here are a few examples of the ways to help someone with chronic pain.

One way to provide significant help is to relieve a caregiver from the responsibility of choosing to practice self-care, as in the case of a sick child. GiveInKind includes services listed category, including illness, grief, end-of-life, injury, surgery, and several more.

For more resources to help with scheduling assistance, please visit the Illness Warriors Resource Page.

People are generally helpful by nature. We, as Illness Warriors, can guide our family and friends as to what will help us the most.



2 thoughts on “How to Ask for Help During an Illness

  1. TheSeanaMethod says:

    What a wonderful post, with some excellent resources. Handling life’s challenges is hard enough when things are going smoothly, but toss in an emergency, accident or chronic illness and it can feel impossible. We really do need others to come alongside sometimes!

    Liked by 1 person

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