Do you struggle to manage your life alongside your illness? You may have chronic pain or a debilitating disorder. Perhaps others around you don’t understand. Illness Warriors can help you cope, adapt and find support.

We have been there; we understand and we can help.


Need help getting started? The Illness Warriors’ blog provides tools and inspiration to help you adapt to your new normal. Learn where to find support, ways to live with pain, how to diminish your overwhelming to-do list, and more.

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Free Quick-Start Guide

Are you a new Illness Warrior? Knowing where to begin can be difficult. Get started with our free “6-Step Guide to Arranging Your Life,” which will walk you through six important topics that affect daily life, with action steps and resources.

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Illness Warriors Mission

Illness Warriors’ Mission is to help you: reduce overwhelm and minimize overexertion, prioritize and manage your to-do list, decrease the effect on your family, and locate support resources as needed.

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Phone Consulting

Private phone consultations are available by appointment, via conference call with Lisa and Maureen. We can help you create specialized solutions, and provide support that will be custom-designed for your specific situation.

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Personal Package

Learn how to become your own Illness Warrior! Our exclusive Personal Package includes the Illness Warriors 45-minute recorded seminar, the companion guidebook with tools to help you and your family and caregivers adapt and cope, and our Decision Grid Tool.

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Professional Package

The strategies used to work with clients who are experiencing a traumatic illness are different than those used when working with clients under more “typical” circumstances. Our Illness Warriors Professional Package will provide the support tools you need.

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Webinar Workshops

Online Illness Warriors workshops are available via either webinar or tele-class. The remote format is especially helpful for groups whose participants are widely dispersed, or for those who have difficulty traveling outside their home.

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In-Person Workshops

Lisa and Maureen are available to teach in-person Illness Warriors workshops throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Workshops include our 75-minute seminar, a Q&A period, and an interactive exercise to establish action steps.

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